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FB Alpha Release

Posted on 27 April 2012 at 19:11
Posted by barry
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A new release of FB Alpha is available on the FB Alpha page.

  • CPS-1 Updates, most of the bootlegs now work well and without patches to hack them to work like the originals (brief, incomplete summary below) [Barry, JacKc, bonky_0013, f205v]
    • Added some Street Fighter II M bootlegs
    • Street Fighter II - Champion Edition (Turbo Hack) now works
    • Added an alternate set for Street Fighter II - Champion Edition (Turbo Hack)
    • Street Fighter II - Champion Edition (M1 bootleg) now works
    • Added support for the dumped Street Fighter II - Champion Edition (Koryu bootleg) graphics roms
    • Added Street Fighter II: Magic Delta Turbo (some issues with row-scroll)
    • Added an alternate set for Street Fighter II: Magic Delta Turbo
    • Added an alternate set for Street Fighter II - Hyper Fighting (bootleg)
    • Added a new bootleg of Captain Commando to the driver
    • Added new bootlegs of Knights of the Round to the driver
    • Daimakai (bootleg) now works
    • Carrier Air Wing (bootleg) now works
    • King of Dragons (bootleg) now works
    • Added Final Crash to the driver
    • Emulated the alternative sprite system used in Final Crash and hooked it up in other bootlegs that use it
    • Emulated the alternative sound system used in Final Crash and added it to Carrier Air Wing (bootleg) as well
    • Emulated the alternative sound system used in Street Fighter: Magic Delta Turbo and added it to a Captain Commando bootleg and Knights of the Round bootleg as well
    • Improved sprite list end detection
    • Added optional end of sprite list detection, fixes some more of the bootleg sets
    • All Warriors of Fate bootlegs now work properly or at least well
    • Added some more Warriors of Fate bootlegs
    • All the PIC sets now work, without sound obviously due to no good dump of the PIC data being available
    • Tidied the driver
    • Removed the CPS Changer region hacks
  • Updated the ARM7 core to avoid out of page range accesses [iq_132]
  • Added driver for Silver Millenium [iq_132]
  • Added bootleg of Dragon Ninja to the DEC-0 driver [Barry]
  • Added bootleg of Kung Fu Master to the Irem M62 driver [JacKc, bonky_0013]
  • Added clone of Super Triv to the Jack the Giantkiller [JacKc]
  • Added Neo Castlevania demo to the Neo Geo driver [Barry]
  • Added Neo Thunder homebrew game to the Neo Geo driver [iq_132]
  • Added NGF Transparency demo to the Neo Geo driver [Barry]
  • Added Dragon World: Pretty Chance to the PGM driver (debug builds only) [iq_132]
  • Added Ketsui Arrange to the PGM driver [iq_132]
  • Added clone of Wonder Boy to the Sega System 1 driver [JacKc]
  • Added clone of Rastan to the Misc Taito driver [Barry]
  • Added clone of Rastan to the Misc Taito driver [JacKc]
  • Tidied the Funky Bee driver [iq_132]
  • Tidied the Meijinsen [iq_132]
  • Tidied the PGM driver [iq_132]
  • Improved protection simulation for some PGM sets [iq_132]
  • Fixed sprites alignment in Knights of Valour [iq_132]
  • Fixed a crash in PGM rendering code [iq_132]
  • Improved sound in the PGM driver [lantus]
  • Fixed a crash in the Hunchback sets in the Galaxian driver [Barry]
  • Improvements to the Black Tiger driver [iq_132, issues reported by JacKc]
  • Fixed savestates in the CPS-3 driver [Twinaphex]
  • Fixed a potential crash in the EEPROM module [Twinaphex]
  • Fixed custom-sized tile rendering in the generic tiles module [iq_132]
  • Big-endian fixes for the ARM CPU interface [lantus]
  • Big-endian fixes for the CPS-1, Data East, Neo Geo, Sega and Silver Millenium drivers [lantus]
  • Big-endian fix for the Pskiyo 4 driver [Twinaphex]
  • Added BRAM support to the PC-Engine driver [kev]
  • Added some unicode titles [JacKc]
  • Added BDF_CLONE to sfiii3u [iq_132, reported by DsNo]
  • Tidied the SNES driver a bit [kev]
  • Added SoftFX xBR filters [msbhvn, Hyllian, Barry]
  • Fixed a UI issue with unidentified CDs [Barry]
  • Rename endian.h to burn_endian.h [Barry]
  • Improve portability by checking defines before defining them [Twinaphex]
  • Updates to libsnes [Squarepusher2]
  • Synced sets with MAME 0.145u7 [Barry]


Posted by theshadowrunner on 28 April 2012 at 21:13    
Great new build, thanks! One small issue: For the game "Kaitei Daisensou" (Japanese version of "In The Hunt"), there is a small visual bug on the bottom-right of the title screen, some tiles seem to be missing. And a suggestion: could you implement a "hide parent if only clone is found" (or similar) option for the game selection dialog? I only use Japanese version of games and would love to be able to hide their missing "parents". Or please let me know if you reject the idea, I won't ask anymore ^^; Thank you.
Posted by rafael on 8 May 2012 at 00:39    
please brasil is very fun street fight super scale 75 very nice perfect emulation
naomi...naomi...go barry
Posted by rafael on 8 May 2012 at 00:51    
adaptation emulation zinc and naomi go wondeful emulation .....fb alfha perfect....mame game the best game dont possible game fun

cps 1
cps 2
cps 3
naomi gd rom
data east
neo geo
pac man
mega drive
Posted by luoood on 8 May 2012 at 10:56    
I want it,please
Posted by ricko on 8 May 2012 at 23:29    
Great emu but the IPS option not working in this release :(
Posted by rafael on 11 May 2012 at 21:46    
capcom vs snk 1 , 2 marvel vs capcom 2 brazil please want go go barry adaptation naomi next final burn possible ..........brazil want very mame emulation very trash burn brazil the best emulation arcade multi platafhormas game compatbile street fighter wonderful 2 or all times final burn is compatbile.....
Posted by rafael on 11 May 2012 at 21:52    
barry há previsão para o seu emulador ser compativel com as plataformas naomi , psx 1 , zinc pois todos os brasileiros estão esperando somos fas de seu emulador parabens ta cada versão melhor essa versaõ agora o filtro esta muito boã agradeço pela resposta pois no brasil todos amam seu emulador é o emulador mame e muito ruim pois ele dis que tem 13 000 games mais nada pega os melhores jogos naõ funciona e ele e muito pesado
Posted by barry on 12 May 2012 at 18:56    
Any place to get a current IPS collection to look at the issue?
Posted by rafael on 13 May 2012 at 12:33    
barry is forecast to be compatible with your emulator platforms naomi, psx one, since zinc are all Brazilian fans are waiting for your emulator parabens ta each version better this version now the filter is very good thank you for the response because everyone loves Brazil your emulator mame and emulator is too bad because he says that has 13 000 games any more picks the best games and it does not work is too heavy
Posted by rafael on 13 May 2012 at 12:40    
also wanted to ask where the NORs against such a link emulator available for me to lower them and also the bios compatible to all games when I get the emulator scans fb v02.97.25 is very good I just do not see an evolution since version v0.0.97 .17 ... that was a milestone in emulation ... great pity that not more than handle the NORs naomi ...
Posted by rafael on 13 May 2012 at 12:56    
fought you for making this emulator maravihoso each version better thank especially the Brazilians who live in rio de janeiro sao paulo and speak so that the game king of fighter 2002 street figuter changed and we are many fans of the series of fighting play at home then we'll see who's boss in the arcade in the region ok ...... many pinball machines computer with mame emulation in more games as a heavier soul calibur tekken tag and not so well regarded emulator and pessado and shades are very bad low until the disgosto the mame emulator more of you are light and have good masks parabens

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