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The Punisher (930422 Japan), Capcom, 1993

FB Alpha Release

Posted on 14 May 2012 at 19:08
Posted by barry
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A new FB Alpha release. Get it over on the FB Alpha page.

  • Added two clones of Arkanoid to the Arkanoid driver[Barry, f205v]
  • Added Gigaman 2 to the CPS-2 driver, adding ability to disable Q-Sound in the CPS-2 drivers [Barry]
  • Added Phoenix clone of Street Fighter Alpha to the CPS-2 driver [JacKc]
  • Added Phoenix clone of Super Street Fighter II Turbo to the CPS-2 driver [JacKc]
  • Added bootleg of Dragon Ninja to the DEC-0 driver [Barry, f205v]
  • Added bootleg of Cobra Command to the DEC-8 driver [Barry, f205v]
  • Added clone of Driving Force to the Galaxian driver [Barry, Team Europe]
  • Added clone of Moon Cresta to the Galaxian driver [JacKc, Andy Welburn]
  • Added clone of F-X to the Kyugo driver [Barry, f205v]
  • Added Oxygene's NeoGeo 3D! demo to the Neo Geo driver [Barry]
  • Added clone of Guardian Storm to the NMK16 driver [JacKc, B. StÃ¥hl, Smitdogg, The Dumping Union]
  • Added clone of Knights of Valour 2 to the PGM driver [JacKc, XingXing]
  • Added clones of Flicky (alt graphics roms for 128k sets) to the Sega System 1 driver [Barry, f205v]
  • Improvements to Street Fighter 2: Magic Delta Turbo which now works correctly [Barry]
  • Fixed missing sounds in games based on Final Crash or Street Fighter 2: Magic Delta Turbo sound [Barry]
  • Added support for missing priority mode writes in knightsb, knightsb4, the punipic sets, and wofb [Barry]
  • Changed knights and knightsb4 to get the sprite mask values from work RAM [Barry]
  • Changed the Daimakai bootleg to use the bootleg Sprite RAM it writes, and get the sprite priority masks from work RAM [Barry]
  • Changed the punipic sets to get the scroll layer RAM offsets and sprite priority masks from work RAM [Barry]
  • Changed wofb, and other wof sets that don't write the registers to get the sprite priority masks from work RAM [Barry]
  • Hooked up the EEPROM in the dino, punipic and wof bootleg sets that don't read dip switches [Barry]
  • Updated the EPOS driver, adding sound for Dealer and implementing the watchdog [iq_132]
  • Tidied the Phoenix sets in the CPS-2 driver [Barry, based on info from Pythagoras]
  • Fixed some unicode titles [JacKc, XingXing]
  • Added Hyllian's Data Dependent Triangulation 3X to the softFX blitters [Hyllian, msbhvn]
  • Optimised the xBR filters [Hyllian, Barry]
  • Sync some sets and titles with latest MAME SVN [JacKc]


Posted by theshadowrunner on 15 May 2012 at 00:46    
Great new build, thanks! One small issue: For the game "Kaitei Daisensou" (Japanese version of "In The Hunt"), there is a small visual bug on the bottom-right of the title screen, some tiles seem to be missing:

And a suggestion: could you implement a "hide parent if only clone is found" (or similar) option for the game selection dialog? I only use Japanese version of games and would love to be able to hide their missing "parents". Or please let me know if you reject the idea, I won't ask anymore ^^; Thank you.
Posted by powerhouse1928 on 15 May 2012 at 04:09    
Thank you Barry! Much appreciated!

FBA has got to be the best emulator for the systems it supports, however there is one feature for which I have to use another emulator. That feature is custom MP3 (or any other sound file) soundtrack. I imagine you've heard of it before.

The emulator intercepts the sound code for music and instead of starting the playback of emulated hardware music, MP3 track is played on winmap as specified in a user-customizable .ini file.

What this does is, as you can imagine, makes the gaming experience much fuller if there is a proper soundtrack available for the game. Imagine NEOGEO CD with loading times just like MVS/AES (no loading, no silence between fights).

Kawaks has this feature but lacks user customization so the mileage is poor.

Nebula has this feature too and works very well, except for when used with NEOGEO games, because on NEOGEO the same sound code is used to play different sounds.. very problematic.

FBA is the best emulator available, and if the aforementioned custom MP3 playback feature is implemented, then there really is no need hold on to other emulators.

Would be difficult to implement this feature?
Posted by zuomrag on 15 May 2012 at 11:15    
hello barryharris . please lisen me ...!!!!!!!!





i dream for FB Alpha have mutch list game even M.A.M.E

thank you for all and good work .........!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by salailo on 17 May 2012 at 00:55    

My name is Marcelo from Chile, for my Final Burn is the best emulator, I would like the turtles in time to be repaired, but my game favorite is the neon stage nigth rider can not see anything.

Sorry i am not english
Posted by salailo on 17 May 2012 at 01:03    
teenage mutant ninja turtles for me te best game but no emulated 100%
Posted by rafael on 24 May 2012 at 12:40    
I know you guys know how Nois the emulator and still unable to withstand heavy games like naomi and zinc wonder the emulator to be great to although I have not managed to make my street fighter third run in May when the emulator is working with the 3d platform games will not which leaves doubt and the best arcade emulator mame already and all that the cumbersome and ridiculous rotten lot of them that emulator it takes anything ........... wow Terrorise final burn besides having a better visual match has still not forget that a sound emulator perfeitoe a lightweight in comparison to the nurse and let the best emulator with a few games that all run right and be a crap thank you barry ta going the right way in places not mind games that the emulator supota naodo not like this is already great to
Posted by rafael on 26 May 2012 at 13:30    
dis when the emulator and more popular siguinifica he must be able to run a maximum of computers in the world ... so they must siguinifica runs on computers that are well vomos say that computers are weaker than the case of people they do not have very powerful computers because they live in poor countries and can not play games with your favorite electronics .... Terrorise final burn emulator arcade and a considerably lighter because when I had my first computer I could play quiet and looks that he was a pentium 733 mhz.and 256 memory. frequency of already when I put the nurse took 5 minutes to open the emulator then I put the game soul calibur to play the computer crashed so I asked myself what the hell was that this emulator decepiciona a player like that then I joined a gaming site and found the emulator team Barry and see that the emulator it was the lightest on the market and with good funcinalidade, good sound easy to configure ... to be the most popular it has to be the most assecivel for the players especially the gamers that live in third world countries from getting ok thank god ..........
Posted by garmouz on 3 July 2012 at 16:19    
ROMS CAVE-SH3 go gogoooooooooooooo............!!!!! thank you man !!!!!
Posted by james1988 on 16 August 2012 at 22:56    
Hi, big fan of you guys & AWESOME work so far but something that you MUST KNOW everyone wants added to this almost perfect emulator is the FULL Mame list of 3D games etc, i know this isn't the team's aim but look at the original outrunners arcade version, has sure there is alot of 3D elements but still has a wide range of 2D sprites that would SHINE with the recent filter update, in the mean time the Sega Genesis ver needs repair, colors are distorted & such so please look into that, again tho, there is so much beauty to be explored in the complete Mame list that I KNOW if you guys implemented, everyone will spread the word & revere FB ALPHA as the BEST Arcade Machine emu EVER!!

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